What is Ghostruck?
Think of us as your moving concierge. Our app and website connect you with professional movers who are ready to get your stuff from A to B for a fixed price.
Who are the movers?
They are professionally licensed and insured movers in your local area.
How do I get a quote?
Unlike other moving companies we provide fixed prices, not estimates or quotes. Upload your job details in to our app to find out exactly how much your move will cost on the spot.
What do you need to know about my move before I can book it?
  • Details about the items you want to move (quantity, description and a photo)
  • A pickup address
  • A delivery address
  • A window when you want it picked up
  • Any extra info that could help the move go smoothly
What if I don’t have photos?
We won't stop you from booking your move without photos, but they really help the movers prepare for your job and ensure your Ghostruck experience is great.
Is there anything Ghostruck won’t move?

We'd like to say we’ll move anything in your home as long as it’s not "alive, illegal, or dangerous", but, ultimately, we’ll only move common household items that are safe for movers to move with standard moving equipment.

That means...

  • No commercial-grade equipment
  • No fragile or delicate items
  • No organic material
  • No dirty items that could leave a mess in the truck
  • No items too heavy for two movers to lift or carry
  • No loose or poorly packed items
  • No items that have not been added to the job in our system (adding an item is easy, just keep scrolling for the info!)

Our Terms of Service contain more detailed information on limits to what can and cannot be moved.

What happens after my move has been booked?
Your move is posted to our platform and is matched up with a mover qualified to do the job. If, for some reason, your job is not matched within a reasonable amount of time, we’ll contact you to either reschedule the move or cancel the move with a full refund.
How much does it cost?
Price is determined by what’s being moved (size), how far it’s being moved (distance), when you want it moved (time) and the complexity of moving your items. But don’t worry! All you need to do is enter the details and the app will do the rest.
How does payment work?
All payment is handled in-app which is why a credit card is required before you can book a job. Once you book your move we will charge your credit card. Any changes made to your move that affect the final cost will be issued (charged or refunded) to your credit card after your move has been completed.
Is my information secured?
Yes. We use Stripe to process payments, so if you’d like the full run down of their security features check out Stripe’s website.
Do I have to tip my mover?
Nope: tip if you’d like, but no pressure.
Does Ghostruck move things within the same location?
Sure, just make you enter the same address for pickup and delivery.
Is my move insured?
Every mover on the Ghostruck platform is a professional household goods mover with insurance coverage. Your stuff is covered. Check the Terms of Service for the specifics.
What happens on the day of my move?
You’ll receive a text message when your mover is on the way to pick up your stuff. Your mover will arrive at the pickup location within the 3 hour time slot you selected. If you need to speak with someone for any reason feel free to text us at .
Will Ghostruck pack, assemble or install my stuff?
We’re really good at moving so that’s what we stick to. If you have questions about extra services please text us at .
Can Ghostruck just "get rid of" stuff I don’t want?
Heck yeah, just set your move type to 'Donate' or 'Dispose' and we’ll make sure your items disappear.
Can I add items to my move after it’s been booked?
Text your job number and the items or changes needed (fees may apply).
Can I cancel my move after it’s been booked?
Yes, but it's best for both of us if do so as soon as possible. Any move cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will result in a cancellation charge of 25% of its booking fee - in other words, as long as you cancel or reschedule your move at least 24 hours prior to the start of your pickup window no fee will be charged.
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